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Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Since the 1960s, ED doctors have been able to increase the time they spend with patients and improve their individual productivity by completing medical records more accurately and efficiently with ED scribes. As the medical profession has transitioned from paper to digital medical record, ED scribes have given doctors an efficient way to address and offset productivity and quality- of-care issues stemming from the time-consuming nature of the EHR. Scribes help accomplish this by:


  1. 1) Tracking down ancillary medical data
  2. 2) Documenting elements of the patient encounter
  3. 3) By facilitating communication between ED staff and the ED doctor, scribe-assisted ED physicians are able to help the doctor focus more on patient care


A ScribeAustralia Healthcare scribe program will also naturally uncover redundancy in the existing medical practitioner schedule, which means a more efficient use of this very precious and high-cost resource.