Who We Are

ScribeAustralia Healthcare is a new company set up to address a pressing problem in healthcare: how to deliver personalised, high quality and cost-efficient care in an ever more complex healthcare environment.

The demands of an increasingly data-driven, bureaucratically accountable healthcare system are placing a heavy administrative and documentation burden on doctors, themselves a limited and stretched resource. This is drawing them away from direct patient care and making provision of the highest quality patient-focused medicine increasingly challenging. It is clear this requires new solutions. Medical Scribes are a viable, tested and clinically validated solution, and our company, a provider of medical scribe programmes, was set up to bring clinicians back to the “bedside”, to drive productivity and above all to improve patient care.

To help provide the best quality Medical Scribe programmes, ScribeAustralia Healthcare has teamed up with an American company – the leading scribe-services company in the USA – ScribeAmerica. They have over a dozen year’s know how, in fact creating the modern scribe industry in that country, and we are taking the best from them and developing and adapting it to address local needs in Australia using our own expert doctors and staff.

ScribeAustralia Healthcare is a young company with a passion for medical scribing and we look forward to working with many new clients in the near future. In Australia the medical scribe is a relatively new concept and a nascent industry. It is, however, one with vast potential based on their use overseas in markets with comparable issues to our own, and we are proud to be in the vanguard of this industry.

In America, the medical scribe industry is well established, with a third of doctors, and growing, making use of scribes. Our partner, ScribeAmerica, alone serves over 3,300 medical institutions across the U.S., and employs some 25,000 scribes.

Scribes are especially good at freeing up doctors and allied medical professionals from the growing burden of medical documentation and administration—giving them back time to see more patients, and allowing them to focus more attention on them. With these benefits in mind, we look forward to helping grow the scribe industry in Australia, and working with our clients to provide the highest standards of patient care.