All doctors should have access to solutions and support for medical documentation. TeleScribes are a cutting-edge approach to patient care, providing doctors with a technologically advanced way to save time on administrative tasks.

TeleScribes are here to help — no matter where doctors practise.

Doctors who practise in large hospitals, universities, private medical practice, big cities or rural areas all have access to our TeleScribe programme. By utilising innovative technologies, our TeleScribe programme enables doctors to see more patients and succeed in more challenging healthcare settings. Our Telescribe programme solves the problem of time-consuming data entry. TeleScribes are also a huge boost to doctors who need an on-call medical scribe during irregular or fluctuating hours.

TeleScribes offer the same level of support as ScribeAustralia’s on-site scribe programme, unburdening doctors from hours-long medical documentation. Doctors can use an iPad or tablet to login and connect with a scribe in real-time video, or dictate medical reports or records by phone to ensure accurate and same-day data entry. In partnership with our parent HealthChannels, ScribeAustralia has even more exciting technology on the horizon designed to make doctors’ lives easier, further benefiting doctors who participate in our TeleScribes programme.


TeleScribes allow for more flexible scheduling


Increase availability of medical scribes in rural or critical access hospitals


Utilise technology fully compliant with Australia Privacy Principles(APPs)/Privacy Act 1988


Optimal way to expand coverage to doctor groups


More patients seen by doctors per day


Reduce redundancy for administrative tasks


Log into virtual portal to access real-time medical documentation support


Improved doctor satisfaction and decrease in turnover rates


All electronic health records saved in a secure location


Great solution for covering upswing in patient visits, such as seasonal flu periods


Ensures billing coding is precise, resulting in more accurate reimbursement


Doctors have less clerical tasks, making is easier to leave work on time

How it Works

TeleScribes can be a game-changer for doctors, offering a cost-effective model for data entry that supports your organisations goals in multiple ways. As an industry-leading medical scribe programme, ScribeAustralia has a reputation for delivery medical scribes with expert-level training and professionalism. We work with doctors to implement a TeleScribes programme that best suits their needs, resulting in proven cost savings, improved workflow, more accurate medical documentation and a significant increase in both doctor and patient satisfaction. TeleScribes is the perfect solution for doctors in rural settings, outpatient practices and inpatient doctors in need of on-call scribes. We teach scribes to document the ScribeAustralia way, guaranteeing high-quality charting and efficiency.

TeleScribes offer domestic assistance to improve data capture and documentation.

  • Log into secure portal
  • Speak directly with scribe during patient encounter
  • Close screen to enable audio only for patient privacy
TeleScribes offer domestic assistance to improve data capture and documentation.

TeleScribes ensure rural locations and hard to staff areas are covered.

  • Enjoy the benefits of a scribe in any location.
  • Improve doctor work-life balance with remote medical scribes
TeleScribes ensure rural locations and hard to staff areas are covered.

Our process ensures scribes are ready for most non-stop environment.

  • Step 1: Demanding classroom training
  • Step 2: Training Shift with senior level scribes
  • Step 3: Continuous and Regular Reassessment
Our process ensures scribes are ready for most non-stop environment.

The Advanced Scribe Training Programme

Approximately 120 hours per scribe


2 weeks

  • Medical Terminology
  • System Based Videos
  • Audio Exercises
  • Compliance Training
  • Documentation for Billing and Medicolegal Liability
  • Professional Appearance
  • Case Presentations
  • Final Examination
Supervisory Period

minimum 6 days

  • One-to-one Personal Clinical Training
  • Real-time Chart Review and Corrective Feedback
  • Advanced Efficiency and Patient Tracking Training
  • Core Measures and PQRI Documentation
  • Clinical Performance Final Assessment
Periodic Re-assessment


  • Quality Assurance Program and Continuing Scribe Education
  • Monthly Evaluations and Performance Assessments
  • Monthly Doctor-to-Scribe Satisfaction Reporting
  • Charting Review and Deficiency Log