As doctor’s save lives, our scribes save doctors from burnout.

Licensed medical doctors struggle in an attempt to deliver efficient, quality care at the patient's bedside due to annual increases in documentation demands into electronic health records (EHRs). Documenting inefficiencies of the unassisted medical doctor lead to burnout and reduced quality off care. Inherent to EHRs is a computer interface that distances doctors from patients, introducing a troubling barrier to the doctor-patient encounter. Our medical scribes specialise in unloading the doctor's burden of medical data collection and data entry into the EHR, resulting in improved operational workflow, department metrics and a return of the doctor to the patient's bedside. By doing so, our doctors and their institutions succeed in delivering to their patients efficient medical care of the highest quality.


ScribeAustralia would like to represent the highest standard in professional scribe training, development and management. By working hard for our clients, and innovating to meet the growing demands of healthcare, we hope to expand the scribe industry and fundamentally improve the delivery of care for medical practitioners nationwide.