A revolutionary approach to medical scribe services for providers and practices with complex support needs. Our domestic team of TeleScribes support health care systems with tech-enabled, patient privacy compliant remote support. At ScribeAmerica we believe accurate documentation, and data specificity is an integral part of a robust health system.

How Does TeleScribes Help You?

With TeleScribes, providers log-into a protected site to access personalized scribe support 24/7, 365. TeleScribes document patient encounters in real-time capturing diagnosis and criteria with the highest specificity. Our TeleScribe clients report increased efficiency of providers and improved patient satisfaction.

Drive productivity for providers in rural areas, and hard to staff regions.


Providers have access to a highly trained medical scribe to document patient encounters.


Ensure providers operate top-of-license with more face-to-face time with patients, and less clerical duties at the end of the day.


TeleScribes remain fully patient privacy compliant by logging into client portals. Data is kept in your office, and not downloaded to remote computers.

TeleScribe Premium

The next-generation solution, Telescribe Premium returns over-burdened care teams to the practice of precision medicine. Discover how health systems benefit from domestic, remote support.

TeleScribes allow physicians to have the benefit of a trained medical scribe, no matter the situation or location. Whether you’re at a facility in a rural area, on-call at multiple locations or during variable hours, a TeleScribe is just a mere call away.
Once you arrive at your facility, log into your TeleScribes app in a matter of seconds on your mobile video tablet. Your tablet can be mounted on a table stand or roller cart.
Once connected, your scribe will interact in real-time, documenting each patient visit, entering CPT, ICD-10, scheduling follow-up procedures and performing other key medical scribe functions.